Things You May See At A Retro Motel


When you're planning the route of a multi-day family vacation, one thing to plan is what accommodation you'll choose. For many families, motels are an option that makes a lot of sense. They tend to be affordable, close to major highways, and offer the amenities that a family needs while traveling. There are many different motels that you may encounter when planning your trip, including retro motels. These are motels that are modeled after the motels of several decades ago, which may give you feelings of nostalgia. Here are some things you may find at a retro motel.

Vintage-Inspired Furniture

While the furniture at a retro motel will typically be on the newer side, it will have a style that suggests it's old. These designs are often vibrant, which can be a nice departure from a form of lodging that has standard furniture. For example, you might see plastic mesh chairs outside of the rooms and around the pool deck. These chairs, which often feature colors such as orange, blue, and yellow, were a fixture at motels several decades ago. You may also find bright-colored linens with lively patterns, which can make it feel as though you've stepped into a time machine when you enter your room.

Vintage Entertainment

A lot of retro motels also have various types of vintage entertainment that your family may wish to use during your stay. For example, you might be able to borrow or rent classic board games from the check-in desk — something that is rare at most hotels. You may even find that the guest rooms have VHS players in them, and the lobby has a library of VHS tapes for guests to borrow. Getting some popcorn and watching an old movie can be a fun, nostalgic evening activity that you can share with your kids.

Neon Sign

One of the fun things that you'll notice about the exterior of a retro motel is that it often has a large neon sign — just like many motels had several decades ago. More modern forms of accommodation have different sign styles, which can make a colorful neon sign a unique sight to enjoy. You and your family may enjoy taking a selfie with the sign behind you as a way to remember this unique type of lodging. Look online to find a retro motel along your upcoming vacation driving route and visit its website to learn more.

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10 July 2023

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