What Should Temporary Housing Offer?


If you need temporary housing for a vacation, a job, relocating somewhere new, etc., there are some things you should expect. You may want to look elsewhere if you don't have certain basic things. Even though it's not a permanent stay, it's long enough that you should be happy, comfortable, and capable of doing certain things while you're there.

A Reasonable Rate

Most people choose to stay at a place that offers temporary housing rather than pay nightly at a hotel so they can save money. If you end up paying more than staying at a hotel would cost, the unit should at least match the price. If you're paying top dollar, the temporary housing should include everything you need and have unique features that make the price worth it. 

Flexibility Regarding Your Length of Stay

Often, you may not know exactly how long you will need temporary housing, so you should find a flexible place for your stay. If you need to stay longer, will a unit be available for you? If you need to cut your trip short, will you need to pay unreasonable fees for your early departure? 

A Kitchenette

Since you're going to be staying for a while, you will need to have a way to prepare food. At the very least, the unit should have a kitchenette with a small fridge, stovetop, and microwave. Ideally, it will have a full kitchen so you can prepare full meals and feel at home during your stay. 

Comfortable Beds

There should be reasonably comfortable beds for you and everyone else staying with you. If your temporary housing only offers a sofa bed or cot, you will be restless and unhappy the entire time. The beds don't have to be anything special, just enough to get a good night's sleep. 

Cable and Internet

You should have access to the Internet and some entertainment to watch on the TV. The Internet will allow you to get work done should you need to, and TV entertainment will help you feel at home during your stay. If they can't offer cable, they should at least have streaming apps for you to enjoy. 

Access to Laundry Services

When you utilize temporary housing, you will likely be there for at least a week and possibly for a few months. You will need a way to do laundry while you're there. There should be laundry services on the premises, a washer and dryer in your unit, or a laundromat nearby, so you don't have to struggle to get clean clothes during your stay. 


20 September 2022

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