Top Tips To Getting The Best Deal On A Hotel Stay


Whether you are planning a vacation with your family or friends or perhaps you just need a getaway for a few days, booking a hotel is often one of the more expensive parts of the trip. While you might not want to stay in a high-end hotel, you don't necessarily have to avoid them either to get a good deal. There are a few ways you can get a great deal on a hotel that you may not know about.

Here are some top tips on getting the best deal on a hotel stay.

Book Your Hotel Close To The Day Of Your Trip

It might seem strange to you to wait until the last minute to book your hotel before your trip, but if you wait closer to the day you plan to leave, you can find some great deals. Most hotels don't completely book their rooms and can potentially offer discounts to last-minute travelers. A hotel would rather book the rooms they have open at a discount than leave them empty and not get any money for them at all.

You could potentially book your hotel room from around a month before your trip up to a week before to take advantage of great deals on rooms.

Check-In On A Sunday Or Mid-Week

Most people begin their travel on the weekend. They tend to want to enjoy the start of their vacation on a Friday or Saturday so they can take advantage of the entire week or two that they are in the location. This tends to lead to higher hotel rates when you start your vacation on a weekend.

If you can be flexible with your check-in day, instead opt for a hotel stay that starts on a Sunday or even mid-week. Sundays tend to have a lower check-in rate and there may be many rooms available since most vacationers will have arrived already.

If you don't mind traveling mid-week you can also find great deals on hotel rooms in many areas too. This is especially true in locations geared toward family vacations or where attractions are the most popular on the weekends.

Along the same lines, if you do want to travel on a weekend, try to book a room in a business hotel closer to the city center or business district. You may find that you get a great deal because most business travelers are there during the week so the hotel may offer discounts on the weekends to fill the rooms. To learn more information, reach out to companies such as Inn at Fulton Harbor.


14 February 2022

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