Options to Consider When Looking for Short-Term Housing


When you normally rent an apartment, you are expected to rent it for a year. However, in some cases, renters will rent an apartment for six months, three months or even one month. However, these short-term lease agreements are uncommon, you might want to look toward temporary housing options. 

1. Subleasing from Another Rental

One option is to engage in subleasing. Subleasing is a situation in which one individual has an apartment in his or her name, but another individual is paying the rent. This often happens when an apartment holder is not able to live in the apartment for a while.

2. House Rentals

If you know specifically when you are going to move in and out, you can often find houses that are leased for a specific time period. In many cases, there is no need for a lease or a deposit. Also, some temporary homes allow you to choose the furniture.

3. Hotels

Another option is to choose an extended stay hotel. Several hotels specialize in extended stays. Some hotels will also offer weekly or even monthly rates, which can make staying at a hotel in the long-term more affordable.

An important consideration is to find out what type of amenities a hotel might have. Some may not even come with a microwave or freezer, while others can come with all of the appliances that you typically find in an apartment. However, you'll want to carefully follow any rules they have because you can be asked to leave at any time. However, there are often many conveniences not even found at an apartment such as free wi-fi and room service. 

4. Apartments with Short Leases

If you are still considering an apartment, you'll want to try online listings that allow you to filter based on the duration at which you can stay at the apartment. There are some advantages to renting an apartment. For example, some protections restrict when you can or cannot be evicted. You are usually given a set time before the eviction can occur. However, if you choose to leave early, it is typically much easier to move from one extended stay to another because you do not have to undergo a background check or fill out an application that must be accepted. 

These are just a few extended temporary housing options. You can contact local housing providers to learn more about your future options. 


19 November 2019

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