Make The Most Of Your Hotel Stay


Whether you are traveling for vacation or business, staying in a hotel can always provide a sense of freedom. You are on the road, and you can say goodbye to many of the responsibilities at home, at least for a while. What you may not know is how you can make the most of your hotel stay. These tips are sure to help you get the most out of your lodging.

Ask If Your Hotel Has an Airport Shuttle

If your hotel is near the airport you are flying into, you may not need to rent a car or hire a taxi. In fact, many hotels offer shuttles that will pick up you and your luggage, often right at the doors to the airport. You can save time and money by calling ahead to learn if your hotel offers this amenity.

Express Yourself

If you have a problem with your room or it just isn't what you are looking for, you have the right to express yourself to hotel staff. If the hotel made a mistake in your booking, you may receive an upgrade or another perk. You can also try to ask for certain types of rooms when you make your booking or when you check-in. For example, if you want a larger room you might ask for a corner room.

Hotels May Lend You Certain Items

Some hotels offer items they can lend you if you forget yours. For example, you may need a hair dryer or ironing board, but you certainly don't have room for those items in your luggage. Check with hotel staff to see if you can borrow these items or a variety of others.

Call Ahead Before Checking In Early

If you find out you will be arriving earlier than the hotel's check-in time, you should call ahead and see if the hotel offers early check-in. If the hotel does not offer early check-in, the facilities may offer to hold your luggage for you so that you can tend to business or sightsee.

Think Ahead About Noise

If you are sensitive to noise, consider this when you make a booking. For example, staying closer to the ground floor means you are more susceptible to hearing noises from the street. Higher floors offer quieter environments.

Armed with the knowledge of the best tips for having a lovely and exciting hotel stay, you can rest assured knowing you are getting excellent service and having an amazing time.


22 June 2019

Staying In Gorgeous Hotels

After I began traveling a lot for work, I began staying in a variety of different hotels around town. I began thinking more seriously about my choices when it came to lodging, and it was really insightful to realize that places needed to earn my business. I started being a little pickier in regards to where I stayed, and it felt great to feel like I had control. On my blog, I wanted to create a collection of interesting articles about hotels and lodging, since it can make your next trip to a new place a little more relaxing and enjoyable.