How To Use A Hotel Conference Room For Your Home-Based Business


Running a business from home gives you the freedom to earn an income without having to deal with a commute. However, you may find that you need a more professional space to talk to clients and vendors or handle other types of business. Hotel conference rooms can provide a great resource for you. Here are several ways you can use the conference rooms at your local hotel to help grow your business.

Product Launches And Pitches

When you want to showcase your latest projects or ideas to a group of people, a large conference room can be the ideal setting. You can arrange to have the event catered through the hotel, and you may even be able to use the venue's sound equipment to add a professional finishing touch. Work with the hotel to set up chairs in a theater-style layout, or choose traditional conference tables for an event that requires guests to use your products during the meeting.

Private Client Meetings

When you meet with new or prospective clients, putting your best foot forward is important. Hosting these meetings at your home can seem too informal, so consider renting a smaller conference room or office space at your local hotel. You can also rent a business suite to make a lasting impression on clients. While you don't need to have meetings fully catered, you may want to discuss having appetizers and beverages served. If possible, schedule several meetings for the same day and book the room for an afternoon to make the most of the space.

Hiring Fairs

If your business is in need of employees, consider using a hotel conference room as a space to seek out candidates and perform instant interviews. This prevents you from having to invite strangers to your home, which can offer an added sense of safety. You can book a smaller room on your own or you can partner with other local businesses to rent a large space and host a community hiring event. For this type of event, you'll want to set up tables for brochures and hiring information as well as smaller tables with chairs for conducting interviews. Be sure you have at least one employee or assistant present to help you or ask the hotel if it has an assistant who can work with you throughout the event.

When you discuss your business needs with the hotel, ask if there is a business concierge you can work with. A business concierge can help you find just the right space and services to meet your needs, and he or she may also have valuable contacts in the community you can use to grow your home-based business.

For more information about renting hotel conference rooms, contact a hotel.


17 June 2019

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