How You Can Get An Upgrade At A Hotel For Your Next Stay


When you are planning your next vacation, you might wonder if it's possible to get a hotel room upgrade. You will have to search for ones that have multiple room categories rather than just standard in order to get a room upgrade.

How can you get an upgrade at a hotel for your next stay? Here are some tips that could score you a better room.

Dress The Part and Be Friendly

If you want to get a hotel room upgrade at an upper-scale hotel, then you need to look the part. This means dressing well and presenting a good appearance. This also means your posture needs to be straight instead of slouching. And talking to the front desk clerk politely and in a friendly manner can help get you an upgrade.

Travel During The Offseason

It's not always easy or possible to travel during the offseason for the region you are heading to. If you are able to, however, you may be able to ask for an upgrade and receive one easier than during a busy travel time.

If you can only travel during the summer months or during a holiday, then try to book a room during the week instead of on a weekend. You could also book a hotel just outside the more popular tourist area, prices for rooms tend to be lower and you might get a better room as well.

If you travel in the offseason, many hotels try to entice visitors to the region by offering perks like free spa passes, golf games, and even room upgrades.

Be Loyal To A Brand

One of the ways you could get a hotel room upgrade is to be loyal to a certain brand. Many of them offer loyalty programs or cards for frequent visitors to their properties – this is great for business travelers who tend to have to stay in hotel rooms a lot. If you simply like to travel, it also can pay to join a loyalty program.

Book At a Brand New Hotel

You also could choose to book at a brand new hotel in the area you are heading to. When there is a lot of competition for guests to book with a hotel, many new ones will offer perks to get people to try them over their more established competitors. This could be great for you, as you could get a room upgrade and/or other perks like free meals, activity vouchers or more.

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31 May 2019

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