Tips to Help You Keep Your Marriage Fresh


Maintaining a healthy marriage seems to be harder today than it was in years past. There are so many things that distract couples from each other that weren't there in the past—think about how much time you spend on social media sites, binge-watching Netflix and just texting each other instead of talking to each other. All of these modern gadgets and networks are making staying committed to each other difficult. Here, you'll find a few tips about how to keep your marriage feeling fresh.

Get Away from Home

One way to make sure that you're getting the one-on-one time that a healthy marriage needs, book yourself a hotel room for a night or two—do this once or twice a year or more if you feel yourself slipping and need that extra attention from your spouse.

When you book a hotel room, it doesn't have to be an extravagant spa trip—just a room in a place that isn't home—a place that removes many of the distractions that you have at home. Just be sure that when you're there, you limit or eliminate the use of the networks that you're trying to escape. Sure, spend the two days in bed binge watching movies, but do it together!

Send the Kids Away

Sometimes, just being able to stay home without any kids is a great way to reconnect. When the kids are gone, you can truly relax and enjoy each other. There won't be the silent disdain when the kids walk past their dad to ask mom for a drink that they could have very well gotten on their own. It will just be the two of you relaxing time in the home that you've worked hard to give your family. Order some takeout, slip into something comfortable, and enjoy.

Alone Time

Don't forget to give yourself some alone time; it's good for your mental health. Take a day and treat yourself to something that you love—a massage, a drink at your favorite distillery—what is it that makes you happy, makes you feel truly yourself? This is what you want to do for your alone time. Sometimes, you'll just want to lay around and be lazy for a day—if you can't do that at home—get yourself a hotel room for a night and unwind.

Start planning what you're going to do and how often you'll do it—this isn't a one-and-done fix for marriage—it's just a tool to keep things fresh between you.


29 May 2019

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